What does it mean to be a member of The Compliance Institute Southern Africa?
  • Posted 26 May 2017

What does it mean to be a member of The Compliance Institute Southern Africa?

As a compliance officer, your role is to ensure that your company doesn’t contravene any governing statutes or regulations. This means you need to be well-informed of regulatory changes and be proficient in implementing them. 

According to The Financier Worldwide, the escalating and ever-changing demands of today’s regulatory environment are unlikely to subside anytime soon. The regulatory landscape is an ever-changing, fast-growing arena. Almost as soon as you’ve complied with one regulation, one or two more quickly spring up to take its place.

Being a compliance officer is no easy task. So, at the Compliance Institute Southern Africa, we offer vital information and assistance to fulfil your role and guide you to best practice, under our membership.

The recognised independent professional body for the compliance profession

At the Compliance Institute Southern Africa, we endeavour to set, maintain and promote best practice standards for the compliance profession. 

As the only professional platform for compliance officers throughout Africa, our mandate is to stimulate education and training and provide the platforms that promote compliance within the regulatory environment.

Over the course of the past 21 years, we have been accumulating a wealth of knowledge, insights and best practice in the profession. We alert our members of new developments and changes to legislation. We also provide the interpretation and application of these laws, by the relevant authorities.

12 Benefits of becoming a member of the Compliance Institute Southern Africa

As a member, you will receive a suite of tools and resources to assist you with your everyday duties as follows:

  1. Discounted rates for our regular conferences, workshops, forums, and seminars. Here is a list of our world-class compliance events.
  2. A fully-fledged accreditation/professionalism programme to develop your career. This consists of formal education initiatives and additional training courses recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). It includes the assessments for both the Compliance Practitioner (CPrac) and the Compliance Professional (CProf) designations.
  3. Discounted rates for training courses, including: Introduction to Compliance, CRMP Training, and Monitoring.
  4. A rich source of online resources to provide you with access to the latest regulatory communication and previous conference presentations.
  5. Proactive Compliance© - a fortnightly regulatory update available to our members, free of charge.
  6. Regulatory Management Online©- an online tool consisting of regulatory universes and regulatory plans, designed to simplify requirements and help you manage your compliance, at no cost to our members.
  7. Access to Compliance Risk Management Plans (CRMPs) at discounted rates.
  8. The Generally Accepted Compliance Practice © (GACP) framework of the principles, standards, guidelines and codes of conduct for the compliance profession. This essential tool is also available for members at no cost.
  9. Subscription to the Contemporary Gazette which provides relevant, insightful, new legislation for your business, drawn from the expertise of governance professionals and commentators.
  10. Regular updates on news pertaining to the Institute and the industry.
  11. A complete Members’ Handbook including Monitoring Guidelines.
  12. Networking opportunities with over 2 000 like-minded professionals across a variety of industries. This is a great forum to share experiences, ideas and meet key players.

What does this mean for you?

To become a professional member of the Institute, and to successfully complete the courses we have established, demonstrates that you have specialty skills in compliance and risk management.

We facilitate your professional development and accreditation as our member. You will also get practical tools and knowledge that enable you to implement what you have learnt and perform at a higher level within your company.

Membership with the Institute demonstrates your commitment to acting on and implementing the highest standards, levels of integrity, diligence and professionalism.

Apply to become a member today.


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