Who we are

The Compliance Institute Southern Africa is the recognised, independent professional body for the compliance profession and endeavours to set, maintain and promote best practice standards for the compliance profession by facilitating professional development and accreditation for its members.


To help shape the future of compliance in Africa by utilising our knowledge, insight and best practices built over the past 21 years and provide the platforms that encourage and promote compliance within the regulatory environment. We aim to stimulate education and training in the field of compliance, as well as alert members of new developments in, and changes to, legislation and the interpretation and application of such by the relevant authorities.



Aside from a majority of employers requiring it, membership of the institute also affords access to the following:

  • The Generally Accepted Compliance Practice (GACP) framework of the principles, standards, guidelines and codes of conduct for the compliance profession.
  • Compliance Risk Management Plans (CRMPs) at discounted rates.
  • Discounted rates for our regular conferences, workshops, forums and seminars.
  • Discounted rates for training courses, such as an Introduction To Compliance, CRMP Training and Monitoring.
  • A fully-fledged accreditation/professionalism programme.
  • Subscription to the Contemporary Gazette.
  • Regular updates on news pertaining to the Institute and the industry.
  • A complete Members’ Handbook including Monitoring Guidelines.